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Here are some cool Free Blog Features that Iseekblog.com offers


Instant Access
Register and start blogging.  The blog entries are published right away without any delay unlike some other top blogging websites in the cyberspace.  This service is 100% Free and we give prizes to our top bloggers monthly.  

Entry Categories
The blogger can create his/her categories to group the blog entries.

Draft Entries
If you could not complete your blog in one-go owing to time constraints, save it as drafts, and come back and finish it at a later time.

You can preview the blog entries before you actually publish it.

File Uploads
ISeekblog lets the Bloggers upload images and other files. Other users in turn can view these files provided they are set to be open for public access.

The users can select from the 30 odd default templates available. They are customizable as well so that one could give a personalized touch to their pages.We will assist you if you wish to customize it and put another skin up.

Multi-Author Blogging
Iseekblog users can invite others to co-author their blog entries, meanwhile retaining complete control over one's own blog settings.

Friends List & Mailing List
Add your blog friends in the Friends List. You can also maintain a 30 strong mailing list, and an email will be sent to each one of them whenever you make a new blog entry.

You, the blogger, can choose to let or not to let others comment on your entries. You can also set different permission levels for each blog entry.

Private Messaging
Iseekblog users can make use of the website’s private messaging system to communicate with their friends/other Iseekblog members.

You can ping to Technorati, Weblogs.com, or Ping-O-Matic, thereby attracting more traffic to your blogs.

Upload small icons to personalize your profile and blogs.

Time Zone
Registered users have the option to login to their respective accounts and change the time zone settings so that it precisely reflects their position on the globe.

RSS Feeds
Iseekblog lets its users syndicate their blogs so that other readers could receive notifications of their latest entries automatically.

IP Banning
You can ban undesired users by selectively banning their IP addresses.

Photo Album
You can maintain your own photo album by uploading the photos of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Get your Free Blog Account today.

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